Vivas exams will never be the same again ~ Chat GPT

A.R shukla
1 min readApr 27, 2023

Let me begin my story with "Who am I?" With my useless formal introduction, I am Aditya, a wannabe engineer, and a tech enthusiast.

I was thinking about the exams that I give in my first and second years. Thanks to COVID, and online education, I have skipped classes but got a good CGPA. What if, at that time (2020–21), chat GPT was introduced? Then I am sure I have never been able to discover the greatest talent of all time in me, which is googling the answers, as nowadays, after the introduction of chat GPT in our lives, I use chat GPT to get my assignments, ask silly questions, and even correct my grammatical errors in sentences. The life of a student will never be the same again.

Don’t judge me you guys have also done it in some other form😁

I don’t know if Chat GPT is making our lives easy or lethargic, but I am sure It's doing my assignment and ppts, which is impressive.