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A.R shukla
4 min readFeb 15, 2022

Cyber Security - Learn hack Secure.

Hello Readers I am Aditya first of all why I am writing this blog As there are many blogs which gives information of this domain but what is new in this blog So every blog I have read on Internet give a tons of resources and but people don’t share what they have used to get started into this field books or stuffs they have used to get into this field . As a beginner I can understand the problem that many peoples have faced while getting into hacking . So let me share the resources I have used …

Lets discuss what you have to learn before learning to hack Networking , OS (about Linux and windows) , about Programming languages, about how web application work , how internet works also a little about web development . So now you’ll probably think this is a lot and how could one manage to do all that stuff . There is a technique that I use which is Backtrack technique means learn that stuff which you need for instance if you are learning about SQL injection and you didn’t know anything about SQL query language then first learn about SQL then backtrack toward to the SQL injection .

Now let me share my resources that I have used to learn these stuff in the journey of past 8 months of hacking . So first off all I’ll suggest to learn some basics of hacking to develop a hacker mindset for this I’ll suggest a course from zSecuritylearn Ethical Hacking From Scratch” with this you’ll get to know network hacking and web penetration testing and also about basic OWASP Top 10 bugs . Now if you are interested in web penetration testing I’ll suggest a course from Nahamsec which is Intro to bug Bounty hunting .

There are some other courses available on Udemy I’ll suggest to watch which’ll help to gain a practical knowledge of finding bugs in website so i’ ll list them :

1 . Rohit Gautam [All courses] —

2. XSS Rat [All courses] —

Also I follow some YouTube channels :

1 . Spin the hack

2 . InsiderPHD

3. Tomnomnom

4. Kunal kushwah [His devops playlist is just awesome — specially Linux tutorial]

5. Bitten tech

6. Farah hawa


8. PwnFunction

9. CodeWithHarry [For programming]

Some website I’ll share to learn about vulnerabilities :

  1. PortSwigger [ It has labs and documentation of every major bugs ]
  2. dvwa
  3. geeksforgeeks , w3schools , JavaTpoint , stackoverflow [for programming]

Do you need to learn Programming for hunting bugs ?

Yes for Bug hunters we need to automate some stuff also for hunting bugs sometimes we need to understand source code of the application for this we need to learn little JavaScript , python , shell language and PHP .

Now I am not that great fan of reading book specially books related to education but I think Books related to cyber security are not that Boring So I follow some books I have hardcopy of these books but PDF of these are also available online also all the stuff I have shared till now is free you just have to know some Torrenting and Google Dorking .

I read these books occasionally all three are best books In first book author has explain tons of vulnerability in very detail . In second book peter have curated experience of hacker and their finding so it has a practical way for looking bug and in last one it is the official documentation of top bugs .

At the end I’ll share the biggest recourse that I use daily to get to know about new bugs , new technology so this is kind of big reveal it is :

  1. Google
  2. medium blogs
  3. Twitter [ Bug hunters share tips and tricks their findings and resources . To follow them just look into my following list of twitter ]

At the end I’’ll say just start it is a bit difficult field as you have to learn about many technologies to hack them but it is very exciting when you Bypass login , OTP verification bypass , hack admin panel and all these stuffs feels kind of cool I think so.

Thanks for reading !!

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